Sense our
Extraordinary Power

I believe that we are facing the most exciting but also the most challenging times. When we look at the biggest challenge of mankind, it is decarbonization.
As key players in Power Transmission market, our approach is not just to promote a sustainable change but to lead it, while involving and supporting others to do the same.
What truly sets us apart is our ability to turn vision into action, along with the innate propensity to care and listen to our customers and the ability to create empowering connections with our business partners.
To make this change happen, we think and design our process and our products clearly, expansively and consciously to leave a powerful and respectful footprint in the market we lead and in the world we live in.

Dr. Bahadir Basdere


President of Trench Group


We aim to leave a powerful and a respectful footprint in the market we lead and in the world we live in.

Transforming Vision into Reality

Our Mission

We support our business partners in their transition to a greener future by offering the most complete, advanced, and sustainable portfolio of life-changing high voltage products and solutions.


Our Values

“We – a small word with the great power of transforming the impossible into possible”

Extraordinary powers emerge from unity, cohesion and aligning efforts together towards a common direction!

To make these powers a reality, it takes the ability to listen to one another, to be open and to envision the future with determination and empathy.

Let us embark on a journey into the values that drive our culture – a journey that takes strength and inspiration from our society.

We experience innovation every day as a mix of vision and knowledge, transformed into reality through engineering, technology, digitalization, and communication.

We believe in human resources and their intellectual capital as a powerful, competitive factor capable of transforming corporate wisdom into market value.

Innovation for us is a process of continuous and sustainable evolution.

With over 100 years of experience, we are like a mighty tree standing with deep roots, yet reaching high to behold the future – leading the transformation of the electric power industry.

Our experience and in-depth knowledge of the market allows us to plan, design, and create solutions and products that fulfill customers’ needs of today and anticipate the challenges of tomorrow.

We want our customers to think of us as proven partners – we create long lasting bonds of trust and reliability.
Our relationships are based on the principles of transparency, responsibility, respect and integrity: this is our Code of Ethics that we apply in every aspect of our work.

This involves setting up an internal system for verifying compliance with technical standards that ensures an ethical and fair business for us and our partners.

Together with our business partners, we drive the change for a greener future.

For us, sustainability is a fundamental asset: our daily decisions are based on principles of responsibility and respect for our planet and all living beings. We pay great attention to the design of eco-friendly products and solutions.

Not only for today, but also for a better tomorrow.

We work with passion to constantly raise the level of our performance based on professionalism, responsibility, determination, and credibility.

We measure our results not only in terms of market share but, above all, in terms of customer needs that are addressed, satisfied and even anticipated – with the highest quality and the shortest possible time.

We believe that one of our greatest strengths is the uniqueness of our people who come from all over the world, with their wealth of knowledge, culture and experiences.

With more than 2,500 employees, our global presence enables us to meet our partners and customers everywhere. Supported by a wide and complete portfolio, we are designed to respond to the most diverse, and sometimes extreme, geographic and environmental conditions on our planet.


The Power
of We

Welcome to our podcast, created to share our values through the voice of our people.

We are very pleased to invite you to join our conversations and become part of our “WE”.

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We are striving to continuously reduce greenhouse gas emissions, through our eco-friendly processes, products, and solutions. This significant endeavor not only underscores our dedication to sustainability but also encourages collective action.

Join us on this essential path towards environmental responsibility and a more sustainable future!


Join our Teams

We embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

Every day we work to build a sustainable energy future. In our large team, we value joy, respect, and diversity regardless of age, origin, gender, or style. If you’re ready to make a difference with us then you’re ready for the future!