We are Grounded Visionaries


The great power of the imagination

Looking beyond the present requires an open mind and a courageous spirit but also solid roots, firmly planted in the earth, a base that you can count on.

Like an airplane that takes off from the ground, the imagination that is the “superpower” of visionary minds (and brands too) is stimulated by reality but has the great ability to go above and beyond.

It takes energy and commitment to break the mold, change course, leave the comfort zone and face the future with a new perspective.

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Grounded Visionaries do not only imagine things. They perceive the potential of something before it exists. Moved by a clear purpose, they set out concrete steps to bring their vision to life, getting a grasp on the kinds of resources which are necessary to make this change happen and they lead a team of people in that direction.

Today with our guest we will discuss the prerequisites to create value at an organization like Trench, starting from the process that leads from the imagination to the end result.

Both vision and experience are crucial key elements in the ability to see the present and the future from another point of view.

We are honored to talk about the history and the future of  power industry and about the role of Trench in that landscape with Peter Dopplmair.

With nearly 20 years of professional experience, Peter is a true expert in the power industry.

Starting in 2004 as a technical design engineer for Power Transformers, he has accomplished leading positions in different professional fields. This includes Strategic Innovation Management, Engineering R&D, Business Development and Sales.

For more than five years now, he owns the position as Head of Sales for Coil products at Trench Group.

Peter’s long-standing experience gives him a deep understanding of the market and the ongoing development trends.


Sara Falconi interviews Peter Dopplmair, Head of Sales for Coils Products at Trench Group.