Unleashing a new level of safety and reliability

Unleashing a new level
of safety and reliability


Up to 765kV / 2100 kV (BIL)

Air core series reactors strategically connected in series with high voltage transmission lines effectively reduce fault current thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the system. This ensures superior reliability by maintaining a consistent efficient power supply.


  • Highest mechanical and short-circuit strength
  • Weatherproof construction with minimum maintenancerequirements
  • Low noise levels are maintained throughout the life ofthe reactor
  • Designs available in compliance with ANSI/IEEE IEC and other major standards


  • Current limiting reactors
  • Capacitor reactors
  • Electric arc furnace reactors
  • Duplex reactors
  • Load-flow control reactors
  • Neutral grounding reactors


Regenera™ is our holistic approach to protecting ecosystems, fostering environmental harmony and promoting a circular economy.


Unleashing a new level of safety and reliability

Current Limiting Reactors

Used as simple distribution feeder reactors to large bus tie load balancing reactors fault current limiters. For lower switchgear & operating costs high sustainability & lifespan.

Capacitor Reactors

Can be installed on system voltages up to 765 kV / 2100 kV BIL. When specifying CRs harmonic current content, capacitor tolerance and allowed system overvoltage should be taken into account.

Electric Arc furnace reactors

Electric arc furnace reactors or buffer reactors are used to stabilize the arc when operating at low electrode currents and long arc lengths to maximize furnace efficiency.

Duplex Reactors

Duplex reactors are current limiting reactors consisting of two opposing magnetized half coils. These reactors provide a low reactance under normal and a high reactance under fault conditions.

Load-Flow Control reactors

Altering the line impedance characteristics allowing load flow control for max. power transfer. By Load balancing on parallel lines they improve the transmission line efficiency.