Trench Group and HSP give life to REGENERA™,
an innovative holistic concept that must lead our present and future commitment
to reduce the environmental and social impact of the products and solutions
we provide to our customers.

REGENERA™ means regenerate, transforming our business culture in a sustainable way,
creating a new generation of products.

We believe that a concrete commitment is necessary more than ever.
Change is now, and we want to drive the change it towards a greener future together with our business partners.

This is our purpose and we are strongly committed to achieve it and Trench Group and HSP purpose
is to become the largest providers of the most advanced CO2 neutral high voltage electrical products.

To reach this goal implies we are embracing a holistic approach,
including not only our final products, that thanks to our significant research investments are becoming more ecological,
but also to our manufacturing and service concepts, that will be adapted to meet for sustainability requirements.



Discover more about REGENERA™
and contribute to preserve our environment
decrease global warming and give a greener chance to the future of our planet.



REGENERA™ Portfolio

Trench and HSP has already developed comprehensive Portfolio Elements to reduce CO2 and fosters on reduction of hazardous and polluting materials within transmission equipment.