How RIS bushings enhance transformer reliability and pave the way towards a low-carbon power system

“Power systems are the heart of energy transition”.  Facilitating decarbonization, electrification, decentralized generation, and withstanding evermore extreme weather conditions from climate change, the power system is undergoing a profound and challenging transformation. Thus, safe, and reliable operation of the power systems is indispensable when shifting to a low-carbon economy.

Transformers are one of the most impactful and critical parts of the power system and transformer bushings are their crucial components, ensuring the reliability and safety of transformers in operation.

Bushings are designed to withstand currents up to thousands of Amperes, while subjected to high voltage of thousands of Volts. Likewise, they have to endure mechanically stressed conditions, so the appropriate selection can significantly influence transformer and substation safety.

That being the case, it is of critical importance to guarantee a reliable and safe operation of transformer bushings. According to the latest state of research, the RIS dry technology is considered as the most advanced bushing technology, with a paper, oil and gas- free design, preventing versatile risks associated with leakages and loss of insulation media.

These progressive benefits in the technical design characterize RIS bushings as a key asset of our eco-friendly REGENERA™ portfolio. So let’s take a closer look at the technical features…

RIS Bushings are resistant to high ambient and operating temperatures up to 120°C providing excellent fire resistance, and explosion-proof characteristics, preventing damages to the transformer as well as the surrounding environment. Their partial discharge-free performance adds extra reliability during operation.

Furthermore, RIS Bushings do not contain any water-absorbent materials and are completely insensitive to moisture exposure, enabling easy storage and installation. The excellent aging characteristics translate to a longer life span and low maintenance. Finally, the oil and SF6- free design is preventing any release of toxic substances to the environment.

Taking everything into account, the reliability features of RIS Bushings combined with their eco-friendly design embody our holistic vision of sustainability, by #removing hazardous materials and #reducing harmful impact factors on the environment. Only by empowering sustainable change with reliable technologies, we can accomplish the decarbonization of our power system!

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By Natasha Jovanova