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Embrace the Change and Shape a Greener Future

We’re leading the change in the power transmission market, propelling the transition to a greener future. Experience unparalleled opportunities to enhance your extraordinary powers in a multicultural and respectful working environment, where innovation meets purpose.


The Power
of We

Sense the Power of Belonging

We strongly believe that fostering a sense of value and inclusion in every individual leads to the unleashing of their full potential, driving their active involvement in achieving our mission of supporting our customers in the transition to a greener future. Each member brings their own unique identity and life experience to their team, enriching our collective efforts with their talents and skills.


of life
in Trench

We reached out to our awesome colleagues across the globe and asked them “What’s a day in your life like?”

Check out their responses… and hey, ever thought about jumping into the same experience?



Each Trench Team operates as part of an Ecosystem: each with its own precious differences and peculiarities but all guided by our values and harmoniously committed to working together towards a common goal, for a better future.

Digitalization & IT

As GLOBAL PLAYER working in a multicultural environment, you will connect, communicate and contribute in a positive and creative relationship where everyone cares about the well-being of the local and global community.

Marketing & Sales

As KEEN ACHIEVER you will be part of a powerful team where you will be supported and inspired and your talent and uniqueness fundamental to our mission will be enhanced.

Production & Logistics

As COMMITTED MEMBER of the Trench ecosystem you will be a reliable, fundamental support to achieve our common goals, even in the most challenging moments. Constantly transforming words into actions.

Legal, People & Organization

As CONSCIOUS FUTURE BUILDER you will play a key role in the transformation of the power transmission market, propelling the transition to a sustainable and green future.

Quality & EHS

As UNSTOPPABLE INNOMAKER, you will experience the future every day as a mix of vision and knowledge, transformed into reality through engineering, technology, digitalization and communication.

Business Development, Portfolio & Innovation

As GROUNDED VISIONARY you will look the present with an open mind and a courageous spirit but also solid roots, firmly planted in the earth. A leader that everybody can count on.

Our work environment is SupportiveTransparentInspiringCollaborativeSafe

Experiencing positive vibes feeling comfortable and motivated by the environment around us is essential to inspiring us every day to strive to be our best.


Explore the Advantages
of Being Part of Our Teams

We believe that by investing in your personal development we are also investing in our collective growth

In our vibrant multicultural and international work environment we pave the way for personal growth and sustainable success.
We encourage original thinking and a proactive spirit.
We believe deeply in nurturing the capabilities of our team through ongoing global and local trainings dedicated mentorship and leadership programs to support our people in their professional journey while embracing personal development.

We care about the harmony between personal and professional responsibilities and passions

We believe in fostering a healthy balance between your personal and professional life.
We understand that life’s demands can vary which is why we offer flexible options to support your well-being and maintain a fulfilling lifestyle.
Our flexible work arrangements include part-time work remote working options and extended leave periods.
We prioritize your well-being because we know that when you feel supported and empowered in all aspects of your life you can thrive both personally and professionally.
Join us and experience a workplace where your holistic well-being is valued.

Being part of a Trench team means being part of our commitment to raise awareness on sustainability issues and translate it into concrete actions

At our company, you can experience our commitment to ESG in various ways every day. We have a range of initiatives at both global and local levels, including global sustainable actions, local sustainable initiatives, and ongoing research and development of green solutions.
Additionally, we actively engage in social initiatives, supporting causes that matter, from environmental conservation to educational programs.
These investments and projects are not just about meeting current needs but making a meaningful difference in our world, creating a sustainable and thriving future for all.

We offer programs that assist our people in managing life challenges they may encounter.

We take care of the future of our people and their families.
Our comprehensive welfare plans prioritize protection security assistance training and work-life balance for our people and their families.
These programs are tailored to support the holistic well-being of our employees including health and wellness initiatives peer support and counseling and overall a supportive and safe environment.

Our recognition programs for achieving personal and business results

As Keen Achievers we highly value passion and dedication in our work.
We offer bonus and recognition programs designed to reward individuals and teams for their exceptional achievements in both personal and business realms.
We are committed to fostering a culture of appreciation where accomplishments are celebrated and recognized. Join us and become a part of a workplace that values and rewards success.

Integrating sustainability into yourour growth

Cultivating a positive growth involves supporting the professional development of our team members and ensuring they feel confident and comfortable in their roles but also ensuring they share goals large and small.

Our Powerful Stories

Small but great inspiring stories of people who decide to see beyond the common perspective, to go beyond their own limits.

People who demonstrate tenacity, determination, passion, respect.

Stories that can be an inspiration to be protagonists of a positive change.

I believe in the power of communication and collaboration particularly when it comes to strategizing with our leadership team.
Powerful and innovative ideas come together with the local HR Heads of the factories.

I trust in cooperation with our people to understand on how to improve and enhance our most important value human capital.
I am convinced this is a pillar to strengthen our brand and set the stage for ongoing success.

Füsun Folger

Global Head of People & Culture
at Trench Group


Our Factories

We are a globally connected team, offering an array of on-site and remote opportunities across our diverse network of locations around the world.
Join us and experience the thrill of being part of a worldwide powerful community


Ready for your future?

We embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

Every day we work to build a sustainable energy future. In our large team we value joy, respect and diversity regardless of age, origin, gender or style. If you’re ready to make a difference with us then you’re ready for the future!

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