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My name is Thomas Judendorfer, I‘m part of the R&D department at Trench Germany and I am delighted to share a little of my story with you today.

Born in 1982 in upper Austria, a technical career was very clear to me already during my childhood. With great joy, I was collecting and disassembling devices in the household, certainly not always to the pleasure of my parents.

A few years later, I successfully finished my studies of electrical engineering and high-voltage engineering. Until then, I always dreamed of working in the industry. However, my journey with Trench started with a lucky coincidence that brought me together with a former manager Dr. Ruthard Minkner in 2011. His dedication and passion for the high voltage industry and particularly for instrument transformers have impressed and inspired me deeply. From this point on, it was clear – I want to work for Trench!

Since 2015, I’m now part of the R&D department at Trench Germany – a childhood dream coming true.

As a team leader for new sensing concepts, I can explore new technologies and develop innovative ideas which has always been my passion. Together with my team, we are currently working on the product introduction of optical CTs. This involves a lot of different fields and tasks, so no two days are ever the same. The aspect of balancing customer requirements, environmental aspects, product performance, quality and costs, motivates and challenges me day after day.

For me, successful R&D is always a result of teamwork, because “working alone means adding, but cooperating intelligently means multiplying”. Being part of an interdisciplinary team with experts from different fields like physics, engineering, information technology, and manufacturing is an inspiring and rewarding experience that drives me forward ever since.

Looking to the future, I would like to continue doing what I love the most, which is innovating and creating new products that will shape our industry and solve today’s problems by thinking and acting one step ahead with my team- always focusing on the future of our planet.