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Our cutting-edge RIP Bushings, capable of handling up to 1200kV, are a key part of Trench and HSP’s  well-established portfolio.
These bushings are designed for various applications, including Transformer Bushings for both AC and DC voltage and Switchgear Bushings.
Additionally, we offer Wall Bushings for HVDC systems and Generator Bushings. To ensure maximum reliability, these products are engineered with high-quality Trench and HSP’s designes.

REGENERA™ is our holistic approach to protecting ecosystems, fostering environmental harmony and promoting a circular economy.


A proven, eco-friendly, fluid-free, dry-type insulation system that eliminates risks of environmental damage due to fluid spillages. RIP insulation offers enhanced safety for the low-carbon power grid of the future.

Enhanced Safety

Explosion resistant. Non-flammable, fire-resistant, and self-extinguishing insulation material.

Service Conditions

Suitable for ambient temperatures -60°C up to 60°C.

Reduced Lifecycle Costs

40 years maintenance-free design.

Environmental Impact

No pollution hazard during product manufacturing, testing, and operation.

Seismic withstand Performance

Applicable for high and very high seismic regions around the globe.

High performance
SF6 free

Implementing 420kV Dry-Type Shunt Reactors into Transmission Grids represents one of the most outstanding achievements in Air Core Dry-Type Reactor technology ever. This milestone results from more than one decade of hard and dedicated work in Trench`s R&D, Engineering, Sales, Business Development, and all other functions. Without our customers already using High Voltage Dry-Type Shunts and giving us the chance to learn from their needs, all that would not have been possible.

Peter Dopplmair
VP Sales Trench Coil Products

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