Welcome to the Trench Group, an unstoppable force of positive change and sustainable innovation in the energy transmission market grounded in more than 100 years of experience and with a continuous impulse for the future. We are conscious future builders global players and keen achievers driven by an unyielding commitment to our valued customers.

We take pride in our multicultural, talented and experienced global team of over 2300 people. With our headquarters in Berlin and Erlangen, we boast 9 factories and 4 strategically positioned  regional hubs to reach and support our customers and business partners all over the world, with our life-changing portfolio of sustainable instrument transformers, bushings, and coils.

Led by the visionary Dr. Bahadir Basdere as CEO, Klaus Merklein as CSO, and Christian Mack as CFO, our powerful team is committed to playing a crucial role in the dynamic landscape of the transmission market towards sustainable growth.

The future of energy is extraordinary and it’s NOW. 
Join us in shaping it!


Our Powerful Teams

Extraordinary powers emerge from unity, cohesion
and directing efforts together towards a common direction!


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We embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

Every day we work to build a sustainable energy future. In our large team, we value joy, respect, and diversity regardless of age, origin, gender or style. If you’re ready to make a difference with us then you’re ready for the future!