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With our portfolio of Trench Resin-Impregnated Glass Fiber Bushings up to 52kV, we offer a reliable, long-term solution to address the demand for sustainable HV, high current equipment able to operate in harsh and hot conditions.

REGENERA™ is our holistic approach to protecting ecosystems, fostering environmental harmony and promoting a circular economy.


A proven, eco-friendly, paper-free, dry-type insulation system that eliminates risks of environmental damage due to fluid spillages. RIG insulation offers enhanced safety for the low-carbon power grid of the future.

Enhanced Safety

Explosion resistant. Non-flammable, fire-resistant, and self-extinguishing insulation material.

Environmental Impact

No pollution hazard during product manufacturing, testing, and operation.

Reduced Lifecycle Costs

30 years maintenance free design.

Versatile Application

Horizontal or vertical mounting position. Effective solution for harsh conditions and environments, specifically in turbo-generator rooms and enclosed isophase systems.

Thermal Capabilities

RIG products offer the characteristic of higher load capabilities at higher temperatures without reducing the insulation life expectancy, combined with an insulating system of thermal class 155.

High performance
RIG Insulation

The RIG insulation offers the benefits of the traditional RIP insulation with the added benefit of being paper-free.
The higher thermal class of the material allows for increased design safety factors or reduced equipment size, making it ideal for new and customized replacement equipment opportunities.

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