Unleashing a new level of safety and reliability

Unleashing a new level
of safety and reliability


765 kV / 80kA rms

Line traps are a key component in Power line communications facilitating the transmission of remote control signals voice communication and control exchange between substations within the electrical T&D network.


  • Highest mechanical and short-circuit strength
  • Different mounting arrangements
  • Minimum maintenance is required
  • Various types of tuning Designs available in compliance with ANSI/IEEE IEC and other major standards


  • Power Line Carrier (PLC)


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Power Line Carrier (PLC)

PLC is a method of power system communication. A PLC consists of an HV transmission line transmitters receivers and associated components such as a CC CVT line tuners and line traps.


Line traps limit the attenuation of the carrier signal within the power system by preventing the carrier signal from being dissipated in the substation or grounded in the event of a fault.

Single frequency Tuning

If narrow blocking bands are required single frequency tuning is the most economical tuning method. High blocking impedance can be provided within the narrowband resulting in excellent PLC signal isolation.

Double frequency Tuning

Double frequency tuning blocks two narrow frequency bands. The blocking pattern is comparable to single frequency tuning. A minimum frequency separation must be maintained.

Wideband Tuning

Wideband tuned line traps are suitable for multichannel applications. This type of tuning provides high bandwidth flexibility for future changes or expansion of PLC frequencies.