Compliance & Whistleblowing


Trust is the cornerstone of thriving societies and economies, facilitating cooperation and collective achievement.

Recognizing its critical importance, our compliance program is deeply rooted in the philosophy that nurturing trust through ethical conduct is vital for our success and integrity.

We strive to exceed stakeholder expectations with a framework committed to honesty, accountability, and transparency.

We maintain a zero-tolerance stance on illegality and unethical behavior, guided by our Business Conduct Guidelines, which dictate the conduct of all employees.

Beyond declarations, our Legal & Compliance function promotes awareness through training and stringent internal controls.

What is our compliance program?

The pillars of our compliance framework are integral to our approach, including the unwavering commitment of our leadership to uphold compliance as a key element of our reputation and success.

We conduct regular risk assessments to stay ahead of potential challenges, uphold high standards of integrity that nurture trust and respect, offer accessible e-learning and in-person training to empower our employees, and implement effective monitoring and auditing procedures to guarantee compliance and respond promptly when necessary.

Whistleblowing Mechanism

We encourage all employees and stakeholders to report any conduct discrepancies. Our system protects anonymity, ensuring reports are handled with urgency and fairness.

Your voice is invaluable in upholding our ethical standards and promoting accountability.

This condensed overview reflects our sincere commitment to fostering a culture of trust, showing that we genuinely care about and prioritize ethical practices in all operations.