The Power of Connection. ​
Our values unite us all around the globe.

My name is Enrico De Marco, I’m working as a regional offer manager at Trench Italia and I’m happy to share a little of my story with you today. I was born 42 years ago in São Paulo and I studied electrical engineering in Itajubá. From the very beginning of my journey, I was fascinated by the idea of working in an international team and being united with colleagues from different cultures all over the world.

Little did I know that this was exactly what’s waiting for me when I started my first position at Trench China in Shanghai. Despite the language barrier and the challenge of orientating in a foreign country, my colleagues made me feel like a real part of the team within the shortest time. Honestly, I don’t remember eating lunch alone for one single time at Trench!
In my role as a specialist for export marketing and order handling, I was lucky to collaborate with my manager Tiago Santos Guimaraes who supported me in exploring my professional role and also became one of my dearest friends.

Four years later, in 2012, I took the next milestone of my career by moving to Europe and taking over the position as Regional Marketing Manager at Trench Italia. With my responsibility of handling inquiries for Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Central & South America, I got the chance to connect with customers and colleagues all over the globe. Starting my day talking to somebody in Asia, having a lunch meeting with business partners from Middle East, and enjoying the evening with colleagues in America due to the different time zones.

As in my previous position, I was -and I’m still- supported by an outstanding manager, Federica Sforzi. She has always been open to hearing my suggestions on how to solve a problem and finding creative solutions “out of the box” that sometimes make the difference between winning or losing a project. Today, I can say that Trench gave me the possibility to turn my dream into reality. The global presence of our company has allowed me to experience different cultures and make friends in every part of the world.

For me, Trench stands for collaboration and connection without borders. Although our geographic position and culture may be different, we are all united as human beings and it’s our privilege to support and respect each other. By exchanging our ideas, we can grow our professional knowledge and develop the best solutions for our customers. This is what I love the most about my job and what I want to keep doing in future!