Trench Group Takes Action
for Earth Day 2024:
Planet vs. Plastics

Today, we celebrate Earth Day. The large civic event in the world, over 192 countries are coming together to safeguard our planet and fight for a better future. This year, the world is once again uniting to tackle one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. With our steadfast commitment to sustainability, we are proud to align our actions with this year’s theme: “Planet vs. Plastics.”

At Trench, our dedication to sustainability is more than just surface level – it’s a part of who we are. Our holistic approach to sustainability, encapsulated in the Regenera™ concept, guides every decision we make. From product design to manufacturing processes, we are prioritizing resource efficiency, waste reduction, and circular economy principles. 😉

When it comes to this year’s theme though, we reached out to our factories to see the initiatives being implemented worldwide, big and small through Trench Group. From Austria to Italy, China to France, and Canada to Germany, each location is making significant strides towards a plastic-free future.

In Trench Austria we’re revolutionizing packaging for “Optimetall”, swapping out plastic stretch film for an eco-friendlier alternative. By introducing wooden boards and innovative cross structures to shield steel components from moisture, we’re not only reducing plastic waste but also enhancing product durability.

Meanwhile, Trench Italy is embracing a holistic approach to sustainability. From installing filtered water dispensers and distributing reusable water bottles to replacing plastic cups with biodegradable alternatives, every initiative aims to minimize environmental impact while promoting a culture of responsibility among employees.

Trench China THVS, is making a proactive effort to decrease the use of plastic products and to make doing so part of everyday life. Through initiatives like the #EmployeeVsPlastic challenge and Plastic-free Month, employees are encouraged to embrace the principles of “Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse.” The Eco-friendly bag design contest promotes sustainable shopping practices, fostering a culture of responsibility and sustainability within the organization.

In Trench France, the focus is on proactive waste management and supplier engagement. By banning plastic water bottles, implementing ecocups, and collaborating with recycling partners, they’re reducing plastic usage and promoting circular economy practices.

Similarly, Trench Germany is investing in advanced washing technology to minimize packaging requirements for raw materials. By expanding their cleaning capacity, they’re not only raising cleanliness standards but also cutting down on plastic packaging in the supply chain.

And at HSP, the elimination of one-use coffee cups in favor of thermos mugs demonstrates a commitment to reducing single-use plastics at the workplace.

Finally, Trench Canada as a general rule, has avoided using plastics wherever can be helped within the factory. This has most recently been applied to the kitchen, where all plastic utensils have been removed and replaced with wooden cutlery. But to further celebrate Earth day this year, our Trench Canada factory has implemented Earth Week, with every day dedicated to tackling another sustainability challenge.

As we celebrate Earth Day 2024, we want to acknowledge actions both big and small by throughout our factories, while reaching pushing for the next step of reaching meaningful sustainability. By taking concrete actions and fostering a culture of responsibility, we’re not just confronting the challenge of plastics – we’re shaping a brighter, greener future for generations to come.