As we all know, “energy transition” denotes the shift from non-sustainable fossil fuels (such as oil and gas) and nuclear energy to a sustainable power supply based on renewable sources like solar and wind. However, such alternative energy sources are mostly located far away from the end-user, for example, in offshore wind farms. Therefore, it requires long powerlines to transport the generated energy from the producer to the consumer- starting from the sea to the shore, continuing on land to the consumer hubs.

Nowadays, we are facing a rapidly increasing demand for renewable energy around the world which sets the spotlight on HVDC grid technology. HVDC, short for High-Voltage Direct Current, is an advanced system that allows to transmit electricity over long distances while minimizing power losses and meeting highest standards in terms of reliability and stability.

The key sections of an HVDC installation include the converter stations feeding power into the HVDC system, or from there into the existing AC grid. To operate this, the HVDC substations contain a considerable number of electrical components that transform, control, and measure the transmitted energy.

Following a holistic understanding of sustainability, it’s clear that also the electrical components have to rely on sustainable technology. As leading experts for high-voltage equipment, Trench Group and HSP have developed the REGENERA™ portfolio that covers HVDC components specialized on climate-neutral operation and decarbonization.

This includes, for example, the advancement of SF6-insulated units to eco-friendly substitutes based on Clean Air. With a global warming potential of zero, the SF6-free products deliver a substantial contribution to the decarbonization along the transmission line.

Alongside this, conventional units based on mineral oil insulation are now available with biodegradable ester insulation. The hazard-free fluid allows an increased operational reliability and sustainable disposal at the end of life.

With these disruptive advancements, Trench Group and HSP are contributing to boost the green energy transition by empowering HVDC technology with sustainable equipment. This is a major step towards a low-carbon power grid that provides the resilience and agility to transmit renewable energy over long distances!

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