Our Holistic Approach

REGENERA™  it’s a transformative journey reshaping our business culture in a sustainable way.
By embracing regeneration, we create a new generation of products that meet present demands and contribute to a thriving future.

REGENERA™ it’s more than a label, it’s a holistic approach for protecting ecosystems,
fostering environmental harmony, and promoting a circular economy.

It’s about actively making things better, ensuring a positive impact that lasts.


Product Design

Project and provide an innovative sustainable comprehensive carbon neutral portfolio of Transmission Products.

Committed to envisioning and delivering a pioneering, sustainability-driven, comprehensive portfolio of Transmission Products, we aim to significantly reduce carbon footprints and revolutionize industry standards. Our products are engineered with advanced insulation materials that not only promote a decreased carbon footprint, but also enhance operational efficiency, elevate product quality, and guarantee superior performance. In addition, our commitment to sustainability propels continuous innovation in our product development, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of technology while contributing positively to environmental conservation.


Establish a system for Carbon Footprint Analysis to evaluate the CO2 emissions of our products and solutions.

We have established a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) system devoted for meticulously monitoring and evaluating the environmental footprint of our products and solutions. This robust system facilitates our understanding of the environmental impacts at every stage of our product’s life cycle – from raw material extraction through manufacturing and distribution to usage and end-of-life disposal or recycling. As a result it provides us with essential insights that enable us to further refine our processes increase efficiency and enhance the sustainability of our offerings. 


Activate CO2 compensation programs and initiatives to reduce/neutralize CO2 emissions

As part of our commitment to increase awareness of sustainability issues we established a partnership with Treedom® a great pioneer company that is planting trees with a long-term perspective to create the TRENCH GROUP FOREST.

Treedom® combines its environmental mission with a social one. For this reason reforestation activities are developed in projects with a strong social value for rural communities around the world mostly in the global south. Treedom® directly finances smallholder farmers that will plant trees in agroforestry systems which then will result in ecological and social benefits.

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Manufacturing Processes

Reduce CO2 emissions in the production chain, with a sustainability mindset that allows profitable economical, ecological and social growth.

We are striving to reduce CO2 emissions within our manufacturing processes, an achievement made possible through the use of electricity derived from renewable energy sources and the implementation of on-site renewable energy systems for our own electricity generation. Our approach is deeply embedded in the principles of sustainability with a focus that extends beyond mere ecological preservation. We strive to balance environmental responsibility with economic profitability and societal growth, creating a synergy that drives sustainable development in all areas. In addition to adopting renewable energy we continuously explore and invest in innovative technologies and practices that can further decrease our carbon footprint making our manufacturing processes more efficient and less harmful to the environment.


Foster the use of organic, recyclable and non-toxic materials and develop systems and procedures to generate new life with recycled components.

We are dedicated to promoting the use of organic, recyclable, and non-toxic materials in our manufacturing processes. In addition, we have implemented a responsible recycling program, precisely designed for our products to ensure sustainability even at the end of their lifecycle. This program not only facilitates appropriate disposal of our products but also promotes their repurposing or recycling, reducing waste and contributing to a circular economy. By doing so, we are not just ensuring the longevity of our products, but also actively participating in global efforts to protect and preserve our environment.

Learn more about our Responsible Recycling project led by Trench France, pioneers in recycling oil-impregnated paper bushings and instrument transformers.

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Involve customers and employees in the Trench Group and HSP commitment to sustainability and constantly report about achieved results.

We are deeply committed to engaging our valued customers and dedicated employees in our ongoing sustainability efforts. We aspire to cultivate an environment characterized by awareness transparency and continuous learning. Our goal is to ensure that every stakeholder feels included and valued in our journey towards a more sustainable future. By fostering such an inclusive culture we believe that we can not only achieve but exceed our sustainability goals driving positive change not just within our organization but also within the areas in which we operate.