Power VTs as a game-changer in the sustainable electrification of our planet!

Solar, wind, hydro, geothermal – The renewable energy resources on our planet are sufficient to meet the energy demand for all human beings, saving all natural resources and preventing greenhouse gas emissions.[1] Also, renewable technologies are becoming increasingly cost-competitive across a wide range of countries and regions – however, green electricity still isn’t accessible in all places we need it.

Just considering the increasing demand for electrical vehicles: By 2030, approximately 40 million vehicles will circulate on the roads in Europe. This requires building an extensive infrastructure of charging stations that need to be connected to the existing energy grid. According to current research studies, the number of chargers will rise from 400 thousand to 2.5 million in 2030 – alone in Europe[2].

Moreover, a major part of the world’s population does not even have access to electricity yet. In sub-Saharan Africa, almost 600 million people are disconnected from the power grid. And this while huge transmission lines run above their head supplying power to the major cities and metropolises.

So how can we manage to deliver energy to the point of demand, making electricity available to all people, regions, and devices where it’s needed?

A fundamental game-changer in the world of electrical engineering is the solution of Power VTs/ SSVTs.
As a hybrid type of instrument transformer, Power VTs allow to step down power directly from the high voltage transmission line to a low voltage level.
In this way, Power VTs serve as micro substations which supply power exactly to the point where it’s needed, without large capital investments, massive space requirements, or long construction times.

Sounds ingenious? It gets even more impactful because Trench Power VTs can be insulated with Clean Air, offering a completely SF6-free application.
This provides long-term sustainability without environmental compromises and a global warming potential of zero. The outstanding performance qualifies this equipment as highly reliable for AIS and GIS switchgear applications.






Embracing the REGENERA™ mindset, it’s clear that the versatile applications of Clean Air Power VTs are a game-changer in establishing a sustainable power grid that energizes our society. The technical solution allows us to #reduce harmful impact, #remove hazardous substances and create a world based on #respect where green energy is accessible to everyone and everywhere!

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