We are Keen Achievers


If you don’t know where you are going,
any road will get you there

Imagine an organism that is ever-changing.

Propelled by evolution, it breaks apart, regroups and then restructures itself, reshaping its DNA to meet the challenges of its new environment, not only surviving within the new waters, but thriving and ensuring its success for future generations.

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So must every individual or organization change and adapt. Sometimes the changes are for economic reasons, sometimes they are social or cultural, but some transformations are so epic as to make it unrecognizable from the entity it was before. But what makes an ordinary organization extraordinary? What are the superpowers that a company like Trench possesses to ensure that it thrives and excels, time after time?

The first of the superpowers of an achiever is certainly a “Vision
This ability may be innate in people but also in this case it must be cultivated and oriented towards the well-being of the system.
And if this is true for individuals, it is truer for organizations, for companies and therefore, brands.
But to see their vision realized, a leading brand must be able to inspire others, to share business goals and the values ​​that guide their achievement.

The second superpower of an achiever is “Confidence”.
“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” wrote Lewis Carrol.
Contrary to what one might commonly think, self-confidence is not synonymous with arrogance but rather with awareness of one’s own identity and strength, combined with the commitment to get things done.
Leaders have self-confidence in their own ideas and actions and those of their team.

The third of the superpowers is “Motivation”.

Big results are driven by long-term goals. A successful brand is not oriented only to achieving the goal but to how that goal is achieved.
This is why the Keen Achievers think about the impact of their work, the well-being it generates and the legacy it leaves.

The fourth superpower is the Willingness to Transform.
A successful company is not only able to adapt to change … indeed it often anticipates it and guides it by investing in market drivers.
When we talk about transformation, we are not referring to Clark Kent’s change: taking off his glasses and pulling out a flashy costume, becoming Superman in an instant!
This superpower is the result of a very long and demanding process and systems; to make it possible, some very concrete strengths are needed.

Finally, the last superpower, the one that would seem strange for those who have so many super qualities: Sharing.
Let’s be serious, no man or organization is an island. As they say, it takes a village. We need others to make our dreams a reality. Whether they are our colleagues, our mentors, our customers or more broadly all our stakeholders… true success means we are able to think beyond ourselves to the society that we impact and share our results with them.
Today, companies have realized that open involvement of their teams in decision-making can contribute to healthier growth, both within and outside the organization.

Let’s find out by chatting with our Federica Sforzi, a determined professional at the heart of a successful sales and marketing group at the Trench offices in Italy. 

For more than 15 years, Federica has held a leading position in the organization.
She is a highly committed and strong-willed personality who is eager to solve problems with a laser focus. She is also an empathetic business partner who is aware and troubled by her social and ecological environment.


Sara Falconi interviews Federica Sforzi General Marketing Manager at Trench Italy.