We are Unstoppable Innomakers


Innovation is not an island
but an ecosystem

As Thomas A. Stewart wrote in his book “Intellectual Capital: The New Wealth of Organizations”, knowledge and understanding are the key elements of the economy.

More and more, the true wealth of companies will no longer be natural, instrumental or financial resources but human resources linked to “intellectual capital”, that powerful factor of competition that can transform corporate wisdom into market value.

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At Trench, we experience innovation every day as a mix of vision and knowledge, transformed into reality through engineering, technology, digitalization and communication.

But there is another crucial factor in the correct use of these tools, and it is the sustainability of all our ideas and actions.

We must be responsible and always think that “unstoppable” should not mean uncontrolled but motivated by an incessant drive to question oneself, to look from another perspective, to seek a path better than the previous one.

And we must address this power of change towards a better future for us, for our community and for the whole planet. It’s a duty.

Following this approach, we are excited to talk about innovation, research, human capital and transformation processes within the power industry with Fabrizio Negri, Head of Digital Office at Trench.

Fabrizio is leading the digitalization program related to both production & processes, developing new solutions for Bushings, Instrument Transformers and Coils families.

He usually describes himself as a High Voltage Electrical Engineer, with a passion for analyzing and processing big data.

He is a digital innovator, very sensitive to the issue of sustainability and he is guided in his daily work commitment by the motto “you cannot manage what you cannot measure”!

At the same time, he is ready to face new challenges every day, even without having measurable basis from which to start.

Fabrizio Negri, Head of Digital Office at Trench Group.