We are Committed Partners


Building bonds of trust

Shareholders, executives, customers, colleagues, in fact as human beings… we all search out reliable people and allies… not just in the public arena but also in our personal lives… we are always looking for reliable friends or partners… why?

Because we all attribute great importance to those people on whom we can constantly count on to keep their commitments, people that make our lives easier and are a fundamental support to achieve our goals, even in the most difficult moments.

From an evolutionary perspective, a person we can trust and depend on is more crucial to our survival than someone who can perform a task perfectly.
As a truly differentiating value, reliability means trust, commitment, responsibility and respect.

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Recognizing the importance of this value is essential for the success of a company. A team that delivers reliable results is a set of reliable people. Each employee affects the quality standards and overall evaluation that our customers, business partners, stakeholders and colleagues make of us.

Demonstrating reliability means above all being consistent, transforming words into actions.

And to do so you need commitment. A tough word, essential to move from the plan of desires to the plan of realization.

For us in Trench, Commitment is a two-sided medal. One is ours, that of success, of growth both in corporate and in personal terms. The other one is the satisfaction of our customers’ needs but also the responsibility and respect we have for socio-economic and environmental improvement.

We are honored to speak with Klaus Merklein about how to build a proven bond of trust inside and outside the company. With over 20 years of leadership experience, Klaus is responsible for the global sales division and holds the position of vice president of bushing products. 

In this challenging role, Klaus manages countless internal and external business relationships that are crucial to the success of the entire Trench family.
Based on his extensive experience, he places a strong focus on long-standing business partnerships and embraces the values of compliance and responsibility in an ever-changing energy sector.


Sara Falconi interviews Klaus Merklein, Head of Sales at Trench Group & HSP.