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Air Core Series Reactors

Trench is a recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of dry type air-core reactors. Since decades Trench is supplying air-core reactor for series connected applications to utility and industry customers worldwide

The portfolio of Trench air-core series reactors is valued by our customers for their outstanding reliability and customisd designs that are based on the vaste experience of hundreds of projects worldwide. Typical reactors types are:

  • Current-limiting reactors (CLR)
  • Capacitor reactors
  • Electric arc furnace Reactors (buffer reactors)
  • Duplex reactors and
  • Load-flow control reactors

More than

MVA rated power

Trench installed the biggest CLR reactor in the world

Series reactors are mostly used to limit the (fault) current and to increase the impedance in electrical networks.

Serial reactors are connected in series with the line or feeder. The main applications for Trench series reactors are:

Current Limiting Reactors

Current-limiting reactor reduce the short-circuit current to levels within the rating of the equipment on the load side of the reactor.

Applications range from the simple distribution feeder reactor to large bus-tie and load-balancing reactors on systems rated up to 765 kV / 2100 kV BIL.

Power Flow Control Reactors change the line impedance characteristic such that power flow over parallel circuits is optimally balanced, thus ensuring maximum power transfer over adjacent transmission lines.

Capacitor reactors

Capacitor (damping) reactors are installed in series with a shunt-connected capacitor bank to limit inrush currents due to switching, to limit outrush currents due to clause-in fault, and to control the resonant frequency of the system due to the addition of the capacitor banks.

Reactors can be installed on system voltages through 765 kV / 2100 kV BIL. When specifying capacitor reactors, the requested continuous current rating should account for harmonic current content, tolerance on capacitors and allowable system overvoltage.

Electric arc furnace Reactors

More efficient operation of Electric Arc Furnaces will be achieved by increasing the source impedance of the EAF’s power supply in order to optimize their melting process. Electric arc furnace reactors or so-called Buffer reactors stabilize the arc when operated at the low electrode current and long arc length for reasons of highest possible efficiency of the furnace.

Duplex reactors

Duplex reactors are current-limiting reactors that consist of two half coils magnetizing against each other. These reactors provide a desirable low reactance under normal conditions and a high reactance under fault conditions.

Load-flow control reactors

Load-flow control reactors are series-connected on transmission lines up to 765 kV. The reactors change the lime impedance characteristic so that load flow can be controlled, thus ensuring maximum power transfer over adjacent transmission lines.

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