Our commitment on sustainability

Our commitment on sustainability

Solar power system

There is a solar power plant on the THVS’s roof, with 3345 sqm of parabolic mirrors generating energy from the sun to trasfer the power to factory!

According to the plant roof space planning, reasonable installation of solar thermal system, photovoltaic power generation drive transformer, increase the proportion of clean energy use. We uses 3345 sqm of trough solar heat collection system. 

On sunny days, the system collects solar energy by the collector, and heats the thermal oil to meet the heat demand for the production process, and stores the excess heat in the system in the form of high temperature hot oil to the oil tank; When it is rainy (or at night), the heat stored in the oil storage tank is preferentially used, supplemented by the trough electric heat pump heating to meet the heat demand. In spring, summer and autumn, the system can meet the process heat demand of the plant; In winter, the water in the heating system is heated to a set temperature through shell and tube heat exchangers to meet the heating needs.

By reasonably installing solar collectors and exploring new scenarios for the application of heat collection systems, the efficiency of clean energy use can be effectively improved, and the consumption of purchased power and carbon emissions can be reduced THVS is the first solar energy utilization demonstration company in Northeast China.