Our commitment on sustainability

Our commitment on sustainability

Digital energy management platform

Through comprehensive management and intelligent control of production systems and key energy-consuming equipment, energy consumption management is effectively optimized and energy saving and emission reduction capabilities are enhanced.

We prioritize product carbon footprint analysis. Based on the systematic whole life cycle analysis methodology, the accounting boundaries of products and major carbon emission activities are defined. 


The carbon emissions of every production equipment, every raw material component and every operational process can be calculated, which realizes the combination of mechanism modeling and digital modeling, and lays a solid foundation for enterprises to determine the subsequent carbon reduction goals.


 We will track & monitor the selected product ‘from cradle to gate’,  then we can calculate the whole process of carbon emissions, realize the raw material production, transportation, manufacturing, delivery and so on with each link of supply chain  to be systematically analysised  Through the analysis of multi-dimensional contrast each link of the emissions data, we identified a variety of potential carbon reduction direction, with design, procurement and supply chain from raw material, production and management three aspects to identify the specific carbon reduction measures, through the different steps in carbon reduction effect, and the size of the investment, implement the difficulty level, such as dimension analysis, to confirm if we  ‘short-term win’ or ‘medium/long term plan’. 


In this process, the product line got the certification of ISO 14067 carbon footprint.