Our commitment on sustainability

Our commitment on sustainability

Job-Radl – attractive bike leasing

Low-rent leasing offer for bikes and e-bikes for every employee.

Alternative mobility and health promotion – all in one step. The low-rent leasing offer for every employee not only covers the product cost, but it also includes accessories simultaneously ordered with the bike.

Here is a list of all the benefits from the “Job-Radl” initiative:

  • Trench Austria functions as the leasing taker and therefore, is able to rent the desired bike with input tax reduction which results in a lower product price and subsequently in a lower leasing rent. This is also true for the yearly service costs.
  • As the leasing rent is deducted from the gross income on a monthly basis, there is another savings opportunity through a reduction in the income tax.
  • Not only does the employee profit from the “Job-Radl”, also partners or children can benefit from this program. The low-rent leasing can be applied up to 2 bikes.
  • The bikes can be bought at a very low residual value by the time the leasing contract ends.

Going by bike instead of using the car is beneficial for personal health and furthermore, protects the environment.

With this initiative we extend our efforts in reducing CO2 emissions beyond the gate of our factory.