Making a Difference:
Trench France Sponsors 4L Trophy Adventure

In February Trench France proudly sponsored a charity event disguised as a car race which aims at supporting the association “Children of the Desert.” Over the course of 12 days participants cover more than 6000 kilometers delivering food school care and sports equipment across France Spain and Morocco.

We sponsored Team 649 or as they call themselves “Les blés durs.” Comprised of pilot Antonin Boban (a 19-year-old agricultural enthusiast) and co-pilot Flavie Lubin (a 17-year-old passionate about dairy farming) together they brought their unique skills and determination to the journey. Sponsoring Team 649 was more than just an advertising opportunity for Trench Group it was a chance to participate in a humanitarian cause. The impact of the 4L Trophy is undeniable with over 70 tons of vital supplies being delivered to families in need.

The adventure itself was filled with challenges and triumphs. From traversing winding roads to repairing their 4L’s fuel pump with makeshift solutions Antonin and Flavie persevered. Along the way they distributed the essential supplies.

As they journeyed through Morocco navigating sandbanks and desert terrain Team 649 remained committed to their mission. Their dedication culminated in a marathon stage – two days of autonomy leading to the finish line in Marrakech.

Upon their return Antonin and Flavie reflected on their adventure with gratitude. The profits from their association “4L Trophy” will be donated to further support humanitarian causes – a testament to their enduring commitment to making a difference. We’re grateful that through Trench France Trench Group sponsored Team 649 and was able to contribute to a meaningful cause leaving a lasting impact on communities in need.