Celebrating 70 Years of Trench Austria: a Journey from Garage to Market Leader

Celebrating 70 Yearsof Trench Austria: a journey from garageto market leader There’s an air of excitement at Trench Austria as we gear up to celebrate a remarkable milestone: 70 years of excellence. We wanted to take a moment to reflect on our journey from humble beginnings to becoming a market leader in the high-voltage sector. […]

Trench Group welcomes new CFO: Brigitte Kurz!

Trench Group welcomes new Group CFO: Brigitte Kurz! Trench Group is happy to announce the appointment of Brigitte Kurz as the new Trench Group CFO effective June 1st, 2024.As a member of the Executive Board, she will contribute to Trench Group’s ambitious growths and value generation plan.  Brigitte Kurz holds a Masters degree in International […]

Making a Difference: Trench France Sponsors 4L Trophy Adventure

Making a Difference: Trench France Sponsors 4L Trophy Adventure In February Trench France proudly sponsored a charity event disguised as a car race which aims at supporting the association “Children of the Desert.” Over the course of 12 days participants cover more than 6000 kilometers delivering food school care and sports equipment across France Spain […]

We’ve returned to IEEE!

We’ve returned to IEEE! First day of IEEE Anaheim and it’s already a success! We are welcoming our business partners, establishing fresh connections, and exchanging successes and ideas for upcoming projects. Come and visit our booth: we can’t wait to share positive energy.

We’re returning to Dubai!

We’re returning to Dubai! After the electrifying experience of last year we’re back in Dubai and feeling more energized than ever. We’re looking forward to meeting our business partners forging new relationships sharing achievements and new goals – we wouldn’t miss it! We can’t wait to welcome you to our booth where you can feel […]

Sense the Power of young talents!

Sense the Power of young talents At Trench Group, we are passionate about supporting young talents, who bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the table! Today, it’s a pleasure to share a cool glimpse of our apprentice team at Trench Austria – a young crew with a phenomenal spirit, learning, growing, and having fun […]

Sense the Power of breaking barriers and setting new standards

Sense the Power of breaking barriers and setting new standards Our factory Trench Austria has successfully type-tested the WORLD’S FIRST 500kV Dry-Type Shunt Reactor (HVSR), utilizing our proven Trench winding design. This unit provides a total power of 200MVAr and was fully type-tested in Trench Austria’s new HV test lab, which was specially designed for […]

We’re taking action for a greener future

We’re taking action for a greener future! As Trench Group sustainability and social responsibility are more than an obligation it’s our heartfelt commitment to society and the next generations to come. Just recently our Trench Canada Team has engaged in a local initiative to plant 200 native trees in the Markham region! By this inspiring […]