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Welcome to CET: the new Trench Ester Oil Bushing

Trench Bushing portfolio extension demonstrates our leadership in the high voltage industry, providing the sole Ester bushing available in the market:
the CET Ester Oil Bushing.


High voltage bushings play a critical role in ensuring the safe and efficient flow of electricity to every end-user.

Our new Ester portfolio offers the same reliability as our conventional, well-proven transformer bushings, while providing additional customer benefits such as higher overload capability and extended life-time.

The CET Ester Oil Bushing answers to the increasing demand for eco-friendly products, fulfilling very specific challenges for transformer installations in areas zoned as water protected, where it is necessary to take special precautions with regards to spillage of hazardous materials.

Learn more about the advantages of this technology with our latest leaflet and visit the product page for Ester Impregnated Paper Transformer Bushings


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