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Trench ARCC® is now ready to support Bushfire mitigation on a bigger scale

Trench has now finalized the technology development to combat grid-sparked bushfires/wildfires.

For more than four years, Trench has been developing, trialing and supplying bushfire mitigation equipment. After successful factory acceptance tests and extensive site acceptance trials, the first ARCC® system was successful put into operation in Victoria in December 2020.

How does ARCC® technology work?

An ARCC ® (Advanced Residual Current Compensation) operates when a phase-to-earth fault occurs if a power line falls to the ground or is struck by a tree. When this happens, the system detects the fault and instantly collapses the faulted phase’s voltage. This happens within a few milliseconds. The fault current is minimized, and the energy released at the point of failure is reduced to such an extent that the risk of fire ignition is significantly reduced.

EFD500cc controller

The backbone of the ARCC® system is an arc suppression coil with plunger core technology, a concept commonly used by European utilities to eliminate the capacitive component of the fault current.  In addition, the system is enhanced with inverter power electronics to squelch the residual active component of the fault current. The brain of the system is the EFD500cc controller which tunes the coil inductance and precisely controls the inverter output in an extremely fast manner using the BoostPro® function.

We are proud to be a key supplier of the Australian REFCL program (Rapid Earth Fault Current Limiter) which is an important element of the entire bushfire mitigation program legislated by the Victorian Government.

This Trench bushfire-beating grid technology can help to reduce the risk of fire ignition from electrical assets, with fire risk being a growing threat in these times of global warming, not only in Australia.  

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