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Trench and HSP Group @ IEEE PES GTD Asia 2019

From March 19-23, 2019 mainly innovations in two fields were presented at the 2019 conference: HSP bushings in RIS technology and air core dry-type reactor technology made by Trench.

The Trench and HSP Group attended the IEEE PES GTD Asia 2019 conference in Bangkok on March 19-23, 2019

It was the first time that this event took place in Asia targeting key utilities, EPCs and product suppliers in the ASEAN region with a clear focus on the attractive market in Thailand.

At the IEEE PES GTD Asia conference, the Trench and HSP Group presented mainly innovations in two areas:

  • HSP bushings in RIS technology. These resin impregnated synthetics have a very good electric and thermal performance as well as negligible moisture absorption. RIS technology is the perfect technology for high humidity countries like in ASEAN. HSP presented this technology to end customers and transformer manufactures and is able to supply a product range of up to 500kV.

  • Air core dry type reactor technology by Trench: Since decades Trench has been a pioneer developing and improving the air core technology for reactors. Also the latest dry type reactors for high voltage shunt applications which are available up to 500 kV draw the attention of key utilities and EPCs in the region and there were interesting technical discussions on the booth.

If you have any questions about the RIS bushings or Air core dry type reactors, please email sales@trench-group.com.

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