RIP and RIS technology as key enablers to #remove harmful impact on the environment

As part of the REGENERA™ family, RIS (resin impregnated synthetics) and RIP (resin impregnated paper) transformer bushings contribute to extend our green portfolio, by providing a completely oil and SF6-free design. Based on non-hazardous and eco-friendly materials, the advanced product design prevents environmental contamination during lifetime while offering multiple benefits in operational handling.

Firstly, this includes the applicability in harsh environmental conditions like offshore and coastal areas, high seismic, or high-altitude installations. The technical set-up allows an application down to -60°C, in addition to the highest resistance against moisture of RIS technology. Moreover, dry-type bushings based on the RIS/RIP technology, are capable of protecting the power transformer equipment from explosions, in the remove event of failure (increased fire safety). This helps to avoid collateral damage to the installation itself and the surrounding environment. The variety of sustainable product features characterizes the RIP/RIS bushings as key enablers to protect the environment and #remove harmful substances like mineral oil and SF6.

From an economic point of view, the dry-type design requires less regular maintenance operations compared to conventional insulation types. Therefore, the application of latest technology in RIS and RIP bushings not only provides a significant improvement for the environment but also in product maintenance costs.

Following the REGENERA™ concept, we are committed to #remove harmful impact factors and replace them with optimized product solutions for our customers and the surrounding environment as well.

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