#Remove harmful materials with advanced technologies of Instrument Transformers

Over multiple decades, Trench Group is manufacturing Instrument Transformers with SF6 and mineral oil insulation in a field-proven design.

As an integral part of our identity and culture, WE ARE CONSCIOUS FUTURE BUILDER: based on our extensive experience in research and development, studies and product testing, we see it as our responsibility to tackle the challenge of global warming.

To achieve this, we #remove hazardous materials from our products and replace them with environmentally friendly substitutes.


Our portfolio of Blue Instrument TransformersTM offers highly innovative product solutions that #remove SF6 by using Clean Air instead.
The clean air technology relies on a sustainable insulation concept based on syntetic air (O2 and N2). In contrast to the conventional set-up, this provides ZERO global warming potential.
Moreover, the applied substance is non-toxic, non-flammable and highly stable. Complex procedures for gas-recycling are no longer needed which eliminates recurring end-of-life cost.
The available product portfolio includes Current, Voltage, Combined Instrument Transformers and Power VTs, from 72.5 kV up to 420 kV with performed type tests.



On the liquid insulated instrument transformers, we #remove mineral oils and replace them with Ester fluid.
The implementation of Ester insulated instrument transformers drastically reduces the risk of environmental damages in case of leakages.
Essentially, this fluid is classified as “Ready Biodegradability” according to OECD 301.
This allows us to maintain the proven features of our conventional portfolio – performance and reliability – while adding eco-friendly and safety-relevant benefits due to the high fire point of Ester.
The available portfolio includes Current, Voltage and Combined Instrument Transformers, from 72 kV up to 550 KV.

In addition to the proposed features, all Instrument Transformers can be equipped with the Sensgear® technology, which allows remote monitoring and predictive maintenance of the installed Instrument Transformer.

Following our REGENERA™ approach, we are committed to lead sustainable change and #remove hazardous impact factors wherever possible.

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