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A talk with Dr. Bahadir Basdere. 


We are experiencing a turning point in the fight against climate change. The climate is already changing and it is on us to limit the resulting effects. For this we have to stick to the 1.5-degree target, which was set 2015 by the international community in Paris and encouraged by the COP26 summit in Glasgow. To reach this target we have to reach net zero latest by the middle of the century.

How will REGENERA™ transform this awareness from a declaration of intent to concrete action that has positive effects on the future of our planet? We discuss it with Dr. Bahadir Basdere.

Dr. Bahadir Basdere is head of Siemens Energy’s High Voltage Components business and president of Trench Group. He holds a PhD Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Even during his Doctorate, nearly 20 years ago, he developed processes and products for environmentally friendly and economically beneficial after-life treatment of consumable and industrial goods.



Dr. Basdere, how can you summarize the REGENERA™ approach on sustainability?

With REGENERA™ we decide to place ethics at the center of our daily commitment to environmental matters. This incorporates a holistic approach that is driven by our 4R mindset.

The four major dimensions are defined as #REduce, #REmove, #REspect and #REsearch. In essence, we want to reduce our impact on the environment and remove hazardous materials with high global warming potential from our products. In this spirit, we strive to base all our actions in an overall culture of respect.
Ultimately, this can only be achieved by our ambition to research innovative ways to ensure a greener future and increase the safety and efficiency of our customer’s assets and operations. Overall, REGENERA™ transforms our business culture in a sustainable way, creating a new generation of sustainable products and inspires our daily work.

What led to the decision of creating a sustainable portfolio and how do REGENERA™ products differ in terms of know-how, design, skills, technological content and function?

The decision of creating a sustainable product portfolio is driven by the belief that we need to change the current status.  As a society, we are challenged to rapidly decrease greenhouse gases to limit global warming. The sustainable portfolio of REGENERA™ is now our first response to face this major need of change. The essential feature of this product portfolio is the ability to reduce carbon footprint within High Voltage Transmission equipment. To do so, we reduce, for example, the use of SF6 or mineral oil as insulation material and replace them with air or biodegradable ester fluids instead. Moreover, we foster the digitalization of assets, enabling preventive detection of critical situations and avoiding unplanned emissions to the environment.



How does REGENERA™ integrate into the entire business process? What changes will this choice have on internal culture, market position and relationships with business partners?

We consider the concept of REGENERA™ as a holistic approach that is fully integrated along the production and value chains. Specifically, this requires establishing monitoring and analysis systems, raising awareness of our purpose and involving internal resources as well as customers and partners in our commitment.  Following the sustainable mindset, we also foster the use of recyclable materials and develop circular processes to generate new life for recycled components. For those emissions we cannot eliminate yet, we have activated CO2 compensation programs and initiatives to neutralize our environmental impact. And most importantly, our approach will provide high quality and technologically advanced, yet eco-friendly products and processes to our customers.

What do you expect will be the medium and long-term effects of the change started with REGENERA™?

REGENERA™ is not an isolated initiative but the beginning and at the same time the opportunity of a real innovative movement that will involve the entire corporate culture of Trench Group. It is anticipating a different, independent way of being a leader in a market where change is no longer just a necessity but a responsibility.

And in this process, we aim to inspire and involve our internal human resources, our business partners, our network of collaborations and, ultimately, we want to be the leader of a sustainable transformation that embraces every aspect of our market by introducing innovation and vision. In the coming months this vision will take shape and produce extraordinary new changes.

Are you ready?


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