How REGENERA™ leads sustainable change with research-driven innovations


The REGENERA™ concept sets ambitious goals to #REmove and #REduce the negative impact on the environment. An essential cornerstone to achieve this target is research-driven innovation. Therefore, we want to be pioneers of conscious progress where technology is conceived as a tool to create disruptive sustainable change. To gain a deeper understanding, let’s take a look at the key power of #REsearch.



The essential foundation for sustainable change is diagnosis and analysis of the present situation. This requires a highly advanced and technology-based assessment of our carbon footprint. Therefore, we utilize latest search findings to incorporate highly innovative measurement tools and derive reliable results. Based on the gathered insights, it’s again scientific research that provides the foundation for creating sustainable change. More specifically, we investigate innovative solutions to design a sustainable production value chain, identify new eco-friendly materials and detect new recycling techniques. Our best practice cases include, for example, the application of ester fluids instead of mineral oils, or the implementation of clean air as a substitute to SF6. In this way, we cannot only contribute to a greener future but also increase the safety and efficiency of our customer’s assets and operations.

Overall, the research-driven approach of REGENERA™, guides and enables our ambition as an innovative organization and technological pioneer.


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