How REGENERA™ leads sustainable change by reducing harmful impact


As the current CFA-led study 2021 reveals, the global warming has led to a dramatic increase in the number of wildfires and their devastating impact for the natural environment. Moreover, the risk for new fires is continuing to rise, so there’s an urgent need for us to act and mitigate global warming. With REGENERA™, we want to be at the forefront of this change process and offer innovative solutions to rapidly #REduce our hazardous impact on the planet.

Aerial view of bushfires that were out of control in Summer in 2019/20 in Australia


To face this major challenge, Trench Group and HSP are committed to products and manufacturing standards which minimize the impact on the ecological environment. This includes the successive aversion of conventional insulation materials, such as mineral oil and SF6. Essentially, SF6 is a highly potential greenhouse gas with a global warming potential that is 22.800 times higher than CO2 aggregated for 100-years. Therefore, even a small reduction in the use of SF6 can achieve benefits for the ecological environment.


The REGENERA™ portfolio is designed to lead not only to a major reduction in the CO2 footprint but also to a decrease in product maintenance and corresponding costs.


Overall, REGENERA™ approach is setting up a continuous reduction of negative impact factors, key-driver to create a greener and safer future. By offering innovative product solutions, we contribute to the mitigation of global warming and the prevention of further wildfires.


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