How REGENERA™ leads sustainable change by removing hazardous materials

According to the new chemical strategy presented by the EU Commission in October 2020, it is high time to remove harmful substances and materials from our surrounding environment. Moreover, we are challenged to rapidly decrease greenhouse gases to mitigate global warming and ensure our safety as human beings. To learn how REGENERA faces these major challenges, let’s take a look at our strategy to #REmove.


Generally, it is mandatory to acknowledge that chemical substances are part of our environment. However, there is a fundamental distinction between natural, biodegradable substances and highly manufactured chemicals which are hazardous for our natural habitat. These chemicals include, for example, industrial products such as pesticides, petroleum, or toxic gases from industrial emissions and burning of fuel. We as humans can be exposed to such harmful chemicals through a number of ways. Essentially, this includes the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and our whole environment.


Following REGENERAassets, Trench Group and HSP consider a responsibility to remove hazardous substances and replace them with environmentally friendly substitutes. This includes, for example, removing mineral oils and introduce sustainable alternatives instead. As sophisticated alternatives, we use, for example, biodegradable ester fluids which are free of harmful side components.  Due to their versatile benefits, such derivates are at the forefront of our sustainable product portfolio including Bushings, Instrument Transformers and Coils as well.

Taking this into consideration, the REGENERAPortfolio is designed not only to avoid long-term consequences of hazardous chemicals but also to contribute to an environment free of toxins.


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