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Trench’s eco-friendly and sustainable CLEAN AIR insulation program is moving forward to POWERVT/SSVT

Trench receives the order for the world´s first Blue PowerVT/SSVT with Clean Air Insulation!

The award for the world´s first Clean Air insulated PowerVT/SSVT is a great achievement for Trench. The order was placed by an EPC company, for a turnkey project part of Scottish utility company network and will be installed to provide auxiliary power to a windfarm substation.

The units will be delivered in January 2021 and will be the first ever installed Power VT/SSVT with eco-friendly insulation gas Clean Air with GWP of zero!

Trench Blue Power VT/SSVTs have the same reliability as comparable units with conventional insulation technologies. With experience gathered over the last decades in gas insulation, Trench is the only manufacturer who can offer Power VT/SSVT with zero global warming potential.

The new insulation technology provides the same operational safety in terms of internal arc requirements, practically no aging of the insulation gas as well as maintenance free design. Life expectation remains the same as other gas insulated units.

An additional benefit for the customer is that Clean Air insulation gas does not belong to the Fluor gases and therefore special trainings and certifications that are today required for gas handling and liquification don’t need to be considered anymore. Clean Air can be used everywhere in pure version, without any kind of tracer gas.

Learn more about the advantages of the Blue Power VT/SSVT by checking out our latest leaflet.

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