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Trench Group presented breakthrough technologies @Hannover 2019

A delegation was present at the Siemens booth and  discussed with several customers about 2.0 Trench instrument transformer portfolio, consisting in:

  • On live presentation of Clean-air voltage transformer 420kV
  • the unique F-gas free technology available on the market
  • part of the Siemens Blue high voltage products portfolio for de-carbonized and environmental friendly power grids
  • For more information, see our webpage: Blue Instrument Transformers.

Launch to the market of Born connected 2.0, part of Siemens – SensgearTM  extending  Transmission Products family , the innovative intelligent sensor features which enables Trench Instrument Transformers to provide digital and remote information to the customers, such as GPS information, weather and health condition of the units, for proper monitoring and preventive maintenance.

For more information about Trench/Siemens SensgearTM see video related to:

Launch to the market

Technical experts presentation 

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