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Customer Matinée in Baden/Switzerland on September 11, 2018

For the first time in Switzerland the paradigm change in the Trench Earth Fault Protection Technology was presented to the invited audience:

  • The intelligent products of the secondary technology have already completed this paradigm shift and are ready to go-to-market.
  • The products of the primary technology are based on the research of the Technical University of Graz. Presently they are passing the stage of the production preparation for a maximum earth fault current of 1500 A and will be released to the market next year.

The Intelligent Secondary Technology

This manifests itself in a variety of integrations of numerous functions. For example, the new controller EFC60m integrates the current injection in the same 19“ housing, a technical, volumetric and economic progress, which alone allows the assignment to the „unique selling proposition USP“.

However, the development pursued additional goals: the increased intuitive ease of use, rapid system-supported commissioning, the snapshot mechanism for collecting all data buffers and log files as well as many other functional new developments.

Get all the information about the unique selling proposition here.

The calculability of the residual current of Petersen Coils – the leap in development after decades of „Custom Rules“

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Existing medium-voltage networks will be expanded in the future as well, with network expansion primarily using cables. These have an approximately 30 times greater conductor-to-earth capacity and thus massively increase the capacitive earth fault current ICE. Maintaining Petersen coils, which is necessary to maintain the high quality of supply, requires the additional installation of Petersen coils.

While previously networks with capacitive earth fault current in the order of 200A to 600A were common, the need for networks with capacitive earth fault currents up to 1500A will be required. The question if, due to the possibly increasing earth leakage residual currents and network divisions with costly extension of the existing substations or even the creation of new network districts by the construction of new substations is required, depends on the tolerable earth fault residual currents. Main criteria with regards to the size of the fault current are in the case of overhead lines, the extinguishing capability of free-burning arcs, and – in general – the ground voltage occurring, which is determined by the fault current component over ground.

The sensational research results of the Graz University of Technology have initiated the paradigm shift of primary technology, which enables these high ground fault currents without the dangerous increase of the residual current.

The Matinée

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The speakers from Trench Austria and the Graz University of Technology were able to quickly attract
the attention of the auditorium with their highly interesting and, for many, very new development
results. With this leap forward in the area of primary and secondary technology, Trench Austria once
again presented itself as the technology leader in the field of earth fault compensation.

It led to the first in-depth discussions and the announcement of a training program in the factory in Leonding / Austria, as well as practical live experience in the substations of the Swiss energy suppliers under the assistance of Trench Austria.

Profile Seminars and Professional Conferences

Recently, five seminars on Earth Fault Protection Technology have been carried out in Switzerland in cooperation with Graz University of Technology and experts from energy suppliers as well as development and production companies.

A summary can be found here. ((LINK ODER VERKNÜPFUNG FEHLT))

Contact person:

Manfred Frankenreiter, Dipl. Ing. FH
Representative Trench Austria Earth Fault Protection Technology for Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

PHONE: +41 79 669 75 14

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