From analog products to smart Sensgear®

Our world is rapidly changing requiring more and more productivity and posing big challenges like increasing performance, health, safety & environmental topics, as well as cost and risk reductions. So far, utilities and transmission system operators needed big investments in terms of time and money, in order to get transparency on their assets data, as a starting point for optimizing their operation. In addition to that, the analysis of the data required a deep knowledge and expertise on the interpretation rules and this created big challenges with the data usage.

The introduction of the Sensformer® and Sensgear® portfolio created new opportunities for transmission system operators and utilities in general, by simplifying the above-mentioned task. Born-connected products are not only able to generate data alone, without any investment by the utilities, but they are also able to supply an overall interpretation out of them, thanks the cloud-based application. After the first success in the field of power transformers and switchgears, now this revolutionary approach conquered the whole transmission products portfolio, including finally also the accessories belonging to the category Bushing, Instrument transformers and Coils (BIC).

Just like the digital connectivity of Sensformer®, the connectivity of Sensgear® BIC devices is done with a smart and robust IoT gateway securely transmitting the minimum amount of required information to a cloud-based storage and visualization platform, providing operators with a comprehensive and quick overview about their assets. The corresponding data platform is an open ecosystem using Sensgear® and Sensformer® data intelligently.

Digitalized substation products

Imagine what is the difference between having no real time information from your asset and have a complete view refreshed every minute! This means you can make better decisions and optimize the management of your grid, resulting in more flexibility and a more economic operation. Enhance productivity with health index, health index prediction, and a reduction of unplanned downtime. Additionally, Sensgear® for GIF will come with a notification even before a critically low alarm level – good for the environment and the operator, as penalties can be avoided. Thanks to Sensgear® and Sensformer® all main electrical functionalities of a substation are now connective. Together with data analytics they increase the efficiency and sustainability of your assets and operations.

Data handling and security

Siemens fully understands the importance of the ever-increasing cybersecurity requirements. As one of the main founders of the Charter or Trust we ensure that we comply with state-of-the-art security and encryption technologies such as ISO / IEC 27001. For data transmission to cloud storage, an end-to-end encryption is used. Each Sensformer® or Sensgear® product has a unique ID, which is also used for encryption. The transmission is via HTTPS with 256-bit TSL encryption. We also comply with best in class data handling and management guidelines to ensure that data from different customers is strictly separated and secured in the cloud.

Unleashing the power of digitalization

Sensgear® and Sensformer® offer an easy and secure entry platform for digitalization. While providing the basic functionalities, the concept holds tremendous opportunities for operators to create and use applications in future. A mobile app offers secure mobile connectivity to gain an instant overview about asset status and real-time data, enhancing asset management. Key KPIs push messages in case of alarms.

Customer values

The major benefits of digitalizing substation equipment can be found in the following fields:

  • Performance increase: learn about the status and benefit from operational predictions. Even temporary overload might be possible. Get additional revenue by additional power transmission and reduction of unplanned outages. Optimize maintenance activities.
  • Health, Safety & Environment: increase operational safety through less manhours on the equipment and know early about SF6 leakages, CO2 emission and oil leakages of oil-paper insulated instrument transformers before it gets critical.
  • Cost reduction: reduce operational costs by using the product scheduler. Eliminate costs for F-gas reporting and F-gas leakage penalties.
  • Risk avoidance: minimize risks of unplanned outages, leakage and potential CO2 emission penalties.
  • Join the journey: digitally connected products enable operators to optimize the quality and speed of operational decisions as well as to become more flexible, act faster and more efficiently in troubleshooting… or to completely avoid it. Moreover, Sensgear® provides an open platform that enables co- creation of customer-centric use cases and applications. Physics will always remain the same. However, the digital age enables us to merge it with information to create a new standard and reality – Sensgear®: born connected 2.0

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