No company is an island

We paraphrased John Donne’s famous poem to ask ourselves how today it can be not only unrealistic but potentially harmful to imagine a company as an island in the ocean: men and companies live and thrive only if they are an active part of an ecosystem.

Connecting, communicating, understanding, listening and contributing are the actions that imply a positive and creative systemic relationship of any kind.

In this ever-changing technological landscape, our world has also changed and has in fact become unrecognizable from a century ago. We surpass the dictates of virtual borders, physical boundaries and actual distances through our communication tools, balancing perfectly between global and local spheres, involving our natural environment, social subsets and ultimately us, as unique human beings.

Today we talk about uniqueness, inclusiveness and globality with our colleague, Tiago Santos Guimarães.

Tiago is originally from Brazil but his professional career has taken him all around the globe. In 2009, he joined Trench Group as an Export Sales Manager in Shanghai, China. Later, he returned to Brazil to manage the regional sales for Trench in South America. Being the truly global guy that he is, he switched his location to Europe taking over the position of Regional Marketing Manager at Trench Italia. Today, Tiago is located in Germany operating as a global Product and Sales specialist for Instrument Transformers worldwide.
His international and multicultural experience characterizes Tiago as an outstanding team player and corporate networker.

This is our last episode of the first series of our Podcast “The Power of We” and we are thrilled and grateful to have dedicated it to the magnificent uniqueness of each individual, the “Me”, and to the power that relationships, the ” We ”, have in generating value and benefits globally.

We will take a break but will be back soon with new guests to tell you about our stories, successes, challenges and how we aim to transform our world, bit by bit, into something we will be proud to leave to our children and grandchildren.

Take care of yourself

Talk Soon

Sara Falconi