Our values ​​are not something abstract, an ideal to simply be inspired by. They are concrete foundations on which we base our vision.

They are a reflection of our work, of the way we relate to our customers, our business partners, our colleagues, the communities in which we live and the planet that is our common home.

They are our past and our future but above all our present.

And through Trench podcast, we would like to share them with you to demonstrate the passion behind the brand that we proudly embody.


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”
Nikola Tesla

We experience innovation every day as a mix of vision and knowledge, transformed into reality through engineering, technology, digitalization and communication.

We believe in human resources linked to “intellectual capital” as a powerful factor of competition that can transform corporate wisdom into market value.

Innovation for us is a continuous and sustainable process, always evolving.


“And yet, it moves”
Galileo Galilei

With over 100 years of experience, we are much like a strong tree, standing firm with deep roots and reaching high for our vision to transform the Electric Power industry.

Our experience and in-depth knowledge of the market allows us to plan, design and create solutions and products that anticipate customer needs and look to the future.


“The way to get a good reputation is to act to be what you want to appear”

We want our customers to think of us as “proven partners” and we create long lasting relationships of trust and reliability.

Our relationships are based on the principles of transparency, responsibility, respect and integrity: this is our code of ethics that we apply in every process of our work.

This involves setting up an internal system for verifying compliance with technical standards that ensures clean business for us and our customers and partners.


“Each of us must work for his own improvement and, at the same time, share a general responsibility for all humanity”
Maria Salomea Skłodowska (Marie Curie)

We want to drive the change for a greener future together with our business partners.

We are committed to finding solutions to positively contribute to environmental protection, biodiversity, respect for the rights of all living beings and a culture of sustainability.

For us it is a fundamental aspect, which is reflected in the holistic approach of REGENERA™, our advanced and competitive eco-friendly Portfolio of Transmission Products.


“There’s more to life than being a passenger”
Amelia Earhart

We work with passion to constantly raise the level of our performance based on professionalism, responsibility, determination and credibility.

We measure our results not only in terms of market share but, above all, in terms of customer needs that are addressed, satisfied and even anticipated, with the highest quality and the shortest possible time.


“The sea is dangerous and its storms terrible, but these obstacles have never been a sufficient reason to stay ashore”
Ferdinando Magellano

We believe that one of our greatest strengths is the uniqueness of our people who come from all over the world, with all their baggage of knowledge, culture and experiences.

With more than 2,000 employees, our global presence enables us to meet our partners and customers everywhere, supported by a wide and complete portfolio, designed to respond to the various and at times, extreme geographical and environmental conditions of our planet.