Trench – The Power of We

“We, a small word with the great power of transforming the impossible into possible”

What kind of extraordinary powers emerge from unity, from cohesion and from directing efforts together towards a common direction!

To make these powers real, it takes the ability to listen to each other, to be open, to envision the future with determination and empathy.

My name is Sara Falconi, I am honored to give my voice to Trench, a brand with a rich history in the field of Power Transmission.

When it was born over 100 years ago, Trench put together the knowledge and the vision of a future that was unimaginable at the time.

Thanks to the competence and determination of our people, we have contributed to the development of the world as we know it today, transforming an “impossible” force into a power that makes progress possible.

The idea of recording a podcast was born from the desire to express what the word WE means to us and to express gratitude for all the results that this strength allows us to achieve every day.

I am pleased to invite you to become part of our WE and join our conversations.

Sara Falconi, Marketing Communication at Trench Group, introduces the Podcast.