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SENSGEAR® Instrument Transformers

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Sensgear® Instrument Transformers is the new Trench revolutionary connectivity concept, giving the possibility to gain real-time insights on an Instrument Transformer’s current behavior! Everything with one App, with one click, without the need to be product or technology expert!


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Sensgear Instrument Transformers, from factories test lab to customers’ sites!

Sensgear® for Gas Insulated Instrument Transformers

For Gas insulated units, gas leakage is recognized by the CIGRE as the main cause of failure. With the help of a hybrid densimeter, SensGear® is able to store, process and generate business value out of a single measure. Gas density signal is recorded locally and then transferred to a cloud-based interface where it is elaborated on through artificial intelligence-based models able to translate the raw data into a valuable information which can be used to take care of business-related decisions and react immediately in case of a leakage, thus reducing the operational costs. For Gas Insulated Power Voltage Transformers, the gas density signal comes together with the internal temperature providing thermal stress and related ageing information.

Sensgear® for Oil-paper Insulated Instrument Transformers

For Oil-Paper Insulated Instrument Transformers, oil leakage is among one of the most frequently cause of failure, together with insulation issues. SensGear Instrument Transformers is able to make the jump towards a new era in which leakage will not be a problem anymore since it will be remotely monitored, allowing customers to avoid sending workers to visually check their units status. Furthermore, a moisture sensor continously monitors the oil quality without the need to make sampling, reducing the risk of contamination and the high costs of chemical analyses.

Sensgear® for Capacitive Voltage Transformers

Capacitive Voltage Transformers (CVTs) are very common in electrical substations, because of their price attractiveness. If from one side the capacitive structure is helping in bringing down the manufacturing costs, from the other side this structure is creating additional concerns in terms of reliability. SensGear will help to increase the product relieability, allowing the customer to create a real-time database comparing the CVTs performance with a baseline and immediately ping in case of irregularities.



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