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Senscoil® Arc Suppression Coils

Senscoil® Arc Suppression Coils (ASCs) are the new smart coil products from Trench! They give the possibility of getting insight information about the real time status of the coil and its remaining lifetime. Everything with one App, with one click, and without the need to be a product or technology expert!


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Potential CAPEX savings when switching to a Senscoil ASC

First SensCoil® ASCs, ready to be shipped to customers!

SensCoil® ASC, together with its sensors, is able to self-monitor and provide useful information about its remaining lifetime.

Since the ASC is a dynamic component in a substation, monitoring of its motor drive usage will provide useful information in terms of asset management and so helps to prevent malfunctions during operation.

The remote measurement of the insulation liquid temperature will furthermore allow to assess the thermal stress the coil is exposed and definitely predict the remaining life of the insulation material of the coil itself. Additional measurements of zero-sequence voltage and oil level complete the overview about the most important parameters to be considered when assessing the conditions and the usage of the product.

Finally, based on the above-mentioned information, the SensCoil is able to provide an estimate on the remaining service life for short time duty operation during an earth fault event. The effective duty is depending on the utilization of the coil in terms of ambient temperature, prewarming of the ASC and the set-point. E.g. it can be thought of a short time duty coil, which is designed to allow a 2 h operation during earth fault condition:

The nominal duty value of 2 h is defined by customer specification and has an impact on the thermal design of the ASC. Usually, during real world operation, the ASC is effectively never set to the maximum current at maximum ambient temperature. SensCoil uses measurement values to determine the thermal state of the ASC using a model based approach and so enables a prediction of the remaining time the ASC can be operated at the actual current set-point, while continuing mitigating the earth fault current and preserving its integrity.



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