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Oil Impregnated Wall Bushings

Wall bushings are designed to lead the electrical current through walls. These bushings are available from 24 kV to 245 kV in the most common current ratings. The external insulation is available in porcelain as well as composite.

Trench wall bushings are compatible with the requirements of IEC and ANSI standards for the following applications:

  • Indoor / Outdoor Application
  • Indoor / Indoor Application
  • Outdoor / Outdoor Application

To further improve the factory performance, Trench has invested in recent years significantly into its factories and reworked its internal processes. The target is to ensure a high delivery performance with very competitve lead times. This makes Trench a prefered partner for Transformer OEMs, EPCs and end customers worldwide.



Up to A

Oil Wall Bushings

in our portfolio.

Main Features

Trench oil impregnated paper wall bushings for outdoor / outdoor application of the COPWP type are available up to a voltage level of 245 kV and ratings of up to 3150 A.

The Trench & HSP Group provides the full range of wall bushings for all different applications and customer requirements.

Technical Data

The insulating of oil impregnated paper is wound on a solid conductor. To achieve uniform voltage distribution in radial and axial direction, a number of conducting layers are wound into this body in such a manner that a series of coaxial capacitors is obtained between conductor. The service position of this type of wall bushing can be horizontal or on request vertical.

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