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Transformer HVDC Bushings by Trench & HSP

The Trench & HSP Group is a global market leader for HVDC bushings both for transformer and wall bushings. Our experience goes back to the early days of the first HVDC projects and covers a vaste number of references around the globe.

We offer special HVDC bushings for high-voltage direct-current transmission systems, which can be connected to HVDC transformers, inductors or air-insulated system parts. They are calculated and designed in accordance with individual requirements. The bushings are provided with dry insulation or gas insulation.



A unique kV

DC bushings in dry-type technology

developed and manufactured.

Main Features

The portfolio of HVDC consists of tailor made solutions for different applications and environements. HSP and Trench have been leaders in developing bushings for HVDC applications. The experience of HSP in HVDC projects goes back to the early 1970s with the delivery of Oil-impregnated HVDC bushings for the Cahora Bassa project. The 1100 kV DC valve bushings in RIP technology and a length of approximately 19 meters for the Changji-Guquan HVDC line in China is the latest proof for HSP’s technical leadership.

Technical Data

In addition to standardized products, we also offer individualized custom products. We manufacture these custom products using
state-of-the-art production methods, most of which we have developed ourselves, in our extended production facilities and test them in our new fully equipped, internationally accredited test facilities.


HVDC Bushings from the Trench & HSP Group are used in numerous HVDC projects around the world, helping to transfer electricity with the highest reliablity.


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