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CET Bushing, one step closer to Sustainable Energy

“For a few years now, we had the idea and the desire to develop a bushing for transformer that stands out from the competition by its environmental and technical performance. Our site specializes in the production of paper / oil insulated bushings. As the mineral oil commonly used in our industry is particularly harmful to the environment, we wanted to replace it with a biodegradable product. The first tests carried out in 2016 confirmed the feasibility of a paper / ester insulation bushings. Its commercial potential was to be determined in order to start a development project.

The green light was given early fall of 2019. We have driven this development at a sustained pace, mobilizing all of the company’s departments: the various stages of design, setting up adapted means of production, supplies, prototype manufacturing and carrying out tests were validated in eight months. The official product launch ceremony in July 2020 was a great opportunity to celebrate together our ability to innovate.”


This is how Olivier Richer, R&D Manager at Trench France, introduces the CET Ester Oil Bushing, the sole Ester bushing available in the market.

This revolutionary product answers to the increasing demand for eco-friendly products, fulfilling very specific challenges for transformer installations in areas zoned as water protected, where it is necessary to take special precautions with regards to spillage of hazardous materials.

Let’s realize how we developed this product, reading the article published on Transformer Technology!


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