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Trench at CIGRE Canada 2018

Trench presented worldwide technologies at CIGRE Canada 2018, leading the way of innovation in the power and energy industries. Customers from all over Canada visited the Trench booth to discuss solutions for their current challenges and identify evolving technologies and products.

Here are the highlights of the Trench booth:

1) Trench Optical Current Transformer – The complete solution for digital substations with glass ring sensors to guarantee performance over wide temperatures and voltage ranges. Thus providing a reliable measuring system with process bus interface (merging unit) according to IEC 61850-9-2.

2) High Voltage Shunt Reactor for up to 500kV and 180 MVAR – An environmentally friendly solution for voltage regulation and reactive power compensation.

3) Power Voltage Transformer 145kV – Oil insulated units up to 100kVA output power per phase and secondary voltages of 120V/240V which is very useful to supply power in remote locations.

4) Capacitor Voltage Transformer TEVF123 – Built with porcelain or composite insulator and less sealing points providing a more compact design. Power Line Carrier (PLC) applications are also available with our CVT designs and customized capacitance ratings.

We look forward to discussing your specific application with you. Please contact us via sales@trench-group.com or ask your local Trench partner to provide you with additional information.

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