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100 years of Trench Italy

TRENCH ITALIA CENTENARY – One hundred years have passed!

Trench Italia was born in 1919 as “Officine Elettromeccaniche Scarpa & Magnano”, from the name of its founders, forward-looking investors of capitals and ideas. They were pioneers in projecting and producing instrument transformers and small oil volume circuit breakers, with the result of being the first ones in the world to get their own patent in 1933. 

After the Second World War, the factory merged with two Italian companies, “Magrini” and “Galileo”, and the production concentrated on High and Medium Voltage Measuring Transformers under the names of Nuova Magrini Galileo, Merlin Gerin and Schneider Group. In the year 2000, the Schneider high voltage part moved to Vatech, and since the Siemens acquisition in 2005 the name has changed to Trench Italia. As at 2020, Trench Italia belongs to Siemens Energy

Today, Trench Italia is one of the competence centers of Trench Group for high voltage instrument transformers. The production focuses on:

  • Paper oil insulated current voltage and combined instrument transformers
  • Capacitive voltage transformers
  • Resistant capacitive voltage dividers for AC and HVDC application

Thanks to the high effort which has been put in the development of the factory over the last years, Trench Italia can boast a widespread “continuous improvement” approach and an advanced level of Lean Manufacturing Concept implementation.

Nowadays, Trench Italia confirms its centenary leadership by tracing the path to an eco-sustainable future. The company devotes significant efforts to the development of innovative product solutions, such as eco-friendly insulation techniques and on-line conditioning monitoring.

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